Whether you want to become a PA, join university or even know what life is like after finishing uni. We got a journey for you!

Take Me To Uni

We are here to manage your PA/Carer interviews and the funding that supports your journey into further education…and beyond.

I want to become a PA/Carer

There is very little difference between a Personal Assistant (PA) and a Carer, PA’s are often referred to as NMH (Non-Medical Help). Part of being a PA does involve care and part of being a carer does involve being a PA. These roles are very popular with students who are taking a break from University, or doing part-time studies. The role is typically to support disabled students through University, these can be short or long term positions.

Life After Uni

We have partnered with Kaleidoscope Group (Kg) to offer you help with employment or entrepreneurship at no cost to you.

Kaleidoscope’s vision is “to help to shape a world where we see no difference in ‘different’ and where every person with a disability is given a fair opportunity to realise their full potential and find purpose”.