If you have got this far then you must be going to University, College, or embarking on some sort of further education.

Maybe you are awaiting exam results, or you have them and are now putting in the miles and doing the annual UK University tour.

If you have not started to navigate the Student Finance England website yet, might I suggest having plenty of coffee on the go…or maybe something stronger.

Perhaps you already have someone managing your PAs and/or Carers? You may even be doing it yourself. If you or someone you know is doing a payroll management course, then you should be doing it yourself! But for some students it would be better to delegate that responsibility elsewhere, so you can spend more time at the student bar …sorry, studying!

We are here to manage your PA/Carer interviews and the funding that supports your journey into further education…and beyond.

We do that by recruiting your PAs/ Carers, managing their payroll and offering you plenty of free advice along the way.

We do not employ your carers or PAs, that will be you our client. This is driven by the various forms of funding such as Direct Payments, Personal Budgets, Trusts etc…So not only are you heading off to university, but you are also in the rather unique position of being an employer yourself.

Once at University, you will get plenty of support from our PAs and Carers there too. The Univeesity will assess your needs and provide anything, from assistance at a library to note taking.

Check out what others are saying

Have a look through our student experience blogs on CosmoLife as these are added regularly. There may be a student who has gone to the university you’re going to, or who has completed the course you have opted for.

Need more info?

Our FAQ’s offer some help. However, do feel free to email us if there is something that we have not thought of.

Want to chat?

Use the “contact us” form if you would like to discuss anything in more detail.

Our last piece of advice is for all the parents, like me

Once you have done the schlep around Ikea, left the red cross box of food, placed all the nicely washed and ironed clothes in the halls of residence, it is time to head home alone – have some tissues on hand, it is as much life changing for them as it is you.

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