Phoebe Scoulding Education Studies University of Bedfordshire


I am a final year student on the Education Studies degree at the University of Bedfordshire. A year after I started my degree, I had to defer my studies for two years because I became very unwell. I was eventually diagnosed with a heart condition called Cardiomyopathy (I previously underwent open heart surgery aged 4) and a low blood pressure. I could not have asked for a better response from my lecturers who sent me lovely emails to send me their well wishes whilst I was away. I was told that my health was very [...]

Phoebe Scoulding Education Studies University of Bedfordshire2021-05-01T08:57:20+01:00

Pippa Stacey University of York Psychology in Education


MyPlus Students Piece   Pippa Stacey is a writer and blogger based in Yorkshire. She studied BSc Psychology in Education at the University of York and acquired her chronic illness during the first year of her studies. As a graduate, Pippa now works in online communications in the charity sector, as well as freelance writing, and blogs in a personal capacity at Life Of Pippa. During my first year of university, I was your typical student: studying hard, partying harder, travelling the country with various sports teams and for dance competitions, volunteering, and working towards an honours degree. By [...]

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Dom Hyams Warwick University Management (Business) Studies


A brave new world of independence. Heading to University is a daunting experience for most students, but as someone that required essentially a great deal of assistance going about my daily life - heading to University was going to be completely life-changing, one that would see me not only living away from home for the first time but also away from those family and friends that acted as my safety blanket - helping me have an independent life. I was off to Warwick University to embark on a degree in Management (business) Studies - and I was all too aware [...]

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Jack Poulton Sports Studies University of Bedfordshire


Hello everyone, I am Jack, and I have Spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsy. I use crutches and a wheelchair to manage my mobility. I have attended mainstream education at every stage of my academic journey. A little about me, I have always enjoyed sports and I mean all sports rugby, tennis, and boxing. My main passion is football. I am a massive Arsenal fan. I played Boccia at school, getting to the national finals in Nottingham, when I was in year ten. I love rock music. I love video games, when I get the opportunity to play them. I enjoy spreading [...]

Jack Poulton Sports Studies University of Bedfordshire2021-05-01T08:50:09+01:00

Ross Hovey Business Studies Anglia Ruskin University


My name is Ross Hovey and I graduated in 2001 with a BA (Hons) in Business Studies at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, around 20 miles from home. A combination of being very ill during sixth form and my own preference for personal care provided by family meant studying locally was the easiest option. I attend a college for 2 years which then allowed me to upgrade my HND to a degree – so in reality I only went to University for 18months. “I realised that the benefit of studying locally and having no debt [...]

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James Clowes Solent University Graphic Design & Visual communication


My name is James Clowes, 26 and I have the disability Athetoid Cerebral Palsy. I am a very creative person and always knew that I wanted to study a creative subject at University. I am also a Boccia player and currently part of the England Performance Group, so also wanting a University that would not only support me creatively but sportingly as well. I am a very driven person and I do not let things stop me in whatever I want to achieve in my life. I am writing this to share with you my University journey and an insight [...]

James Clowes Solent University Graphic Design & Visual communication2021-05-01T09:18:20+01:00

Tanvi Vyas Brunel University Law Degree


I embarked on my adventure into higher education in the mid 2000’s- which explains a lot of my slightly convoluted journey! The Disability Discrimination Act which applied at the time- didn’t apply to universities until 2005 which I believe is why I had a slightly dodgy start but a very happy ending. I graduated with my Law degree from Brunel University in 2009 but I initially went to study Law at Cardiff University. There was nothing wrong with Cardiff- I actually met some incredible humans- some of whom I actually work closely with now! But I felt the experience was [...]

Tanvi Vyas Brunel University Law Degree2021-05-01T08:51:39+01:00

Georgia Vine Occupational Therapy Sheffield Hallam


I’m Georgia, I have cerebral palsy and I’ve just finished my second year at Sheffield Hallam University studying occupational therapy.   Living with a disability challenges most aspects of my life including my studies. I don’t mind these extra challenges, it’s part of life with a disability. Working as a team with my university, and student support we have and continue to deal with challenges in an efficient way. “don’t be afraid to speak up because it will make life at university so much easier” Due to my disability I have a lot of physical difficulties so I knew that [...]

Georgia Vine Occupational Therapy Sheffield Hallam2021-05-01T08:52:09+01:00

Olu Fadipe Solent University


Olu University Experience My name is Olu Fadipe, and I want to share my university experience. I started Solent University in September 2015 and I graduated in July 2019 with a 2:1. I would argue your time at university is when you grow the most as a person, I often look back at how I was when I first started and the person I have now become. One of the things about university is that most students (disabled and non-disabled) are all thrown in the deep end, it is like chucking [...]

Olu Fadipe Solent University2021-05-01T09:05:18+01:00
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