Disabled Students Allowance

Sophia Davis Healthcare with Health Science Open University


My experience of university as a disabled person was not too bad, even though there could have been areas of improvement. I do think it helped that I was studying through “The Open University”, the fact that I was able to study from home and not have to travel made it more possible to study, therefore more accessible. I struggle with travel as a result of my disability and multiple health conditions. “They were particularly good from the start to make me feel included and to try and make my study as accessible as possible.” [...]

Sophia Davis Healthcare with Health Science Open University2021-05-01T09:29:02+01:00

Jas Taylor MA Gender, Sexuality and Culture BA (Hons) French Studies University of Manchester


Attending university has been a truly character-defining experience for me, particularly in regard to my disability. When I first accepted my offer to attend the University of Manchester, I was nervous but incredibly excited. My college helped me to arrange a DSA assessment and I was positively surprised by how willing they were to accommodate my mental health issues. Unfortunately, I was soon to be disillusioned: I found the transition from home to university was a shock to my system for which I had very little support, and the workload soon began to pile on. Nonetheless, I found the course [...]

Jas Taylor MA Gender, Sexuality and Culture BA (Hons) French Studies University of Manchester2021-05-01T09:00:07+01:00

Carrie Aimes BA (Hons) Art & Design and English Literature


Carrie writes about her experience as a disabled student going to a university My name is Carrie Aimes and I graduated in 2011 with a BA (Hons) Art & Design and English Literature. During my studies, I chose to commute from home, rather than accessing university accommodation, as this was easier for me. Though ideally, I would have preferred to study elsewhere, I attended my local university, situated only an hour away. This was a practical decision based on my personal care needs. “I utilised my note-taking assistants in other ways - mainly as baggage carriers - [...]

Carrie Aimes BA (Hons) Art & Design and English Literature2021-05-01T08:51:13+01:00

Elvy Karanja Brunel University Psychology


One amazing skill we disabled people often acquire due to the lack of accessibility imposed on us is the ability to plan, plan and plan! Because of having muscular dystrophy this was definitely the case with me when it came to deciding which university would be best for my needs. By the time I’d made my choices I could quite confidently call myself a professional university open day attendee (if that’s a thing). From Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester, Birmingham and London, there I was, an eager A-Level student examining every aspect of student life. Eventually, I had a pretty clear picture [...]

Elvy Karanja Brunel University Psychology2021-04-30T19:09:45+01:00

Tanvi Vyas Brunel University Law Degree


I embarked on my adventure into higher education in the mid 2000’s- which explains a lot of my slightly convoluted journey! The Disability Discrimination Act which applied at the time- didn’t apply to universities until 2005 which I believe is why I had a slightly dodgy start but a very happy ending. I graduated with my Law degree from Brunel University in 2009 but I initially went to study Law at Cardiff University. There was nothing wrong with Cardiff- I actually met some incredible humans- some of whom I actually work closely with now! But I felt the experience was [...]

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Georgia Vine Occupational Therapy Sheffield Hallam


I’m Georgia, I have cerebral palsy and I’ve just finished my second year at Sheffield Hallam University studying occupational therapy.   Living with a disability challenges most aspects of my life including my studies. I don’t mind these extra challenges, it’s part of life with a disability. Working as a team with my university, and student support we have and continue to deal with challenges in an efficient way. “don’t be afraid to speak up because it will make life at university so much easier” Due to my disability I have a lot of physical difficulties so I knew that [...]

Georgia Vine Occupational Therapy Sheffield Hallam2021-05-01T08:52:09+01:00

Ryan Warner Arden University Computing


My experience of studying Computing at Arden University has been pretty unique up to this point, largely because I am what’s known as a Distance Learner. This means I don’t actually attend campus to do my studies, and instead, I do all my course studies through an online portal. One of the things I love about this is that it means I can conduct my studies from anywhere in the world that I have an internet connection! “I am the first student ever from my former college (Treloar and Alton College) to go on to [...]

Ryan Warner Arden University Computing2021-05-01T09:02:48+01:00

Chloe Tear Psychology and Child Development Leeds Trinity University


My name is Chloe Tear, I graduated from Leeds Trinity University in 2019 with a First Class Honours degree in Psychology and Child Development. I have mild cerebral palsy and during my time at university I lost a large proportion of my sight. Alongside my studies I continued being a freelance writer and public speaker. I chose a small campus university and lived on-site during my first and third year. Despite several nights out, drinking games and late nights, I’m not going to pretend I was your average student. My course was enjoyable, but due to my disabilities it did take [...]

Chloe Tear Psychology and Child Development Leeds Trinity University2021-05-01T09:18:39+01:00
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