My amazing children are now two young adults. They are both wheelchair users and non-verbal.

My son Jordan was nearing the end of his education at Treloar’s, Hampshire in 2015. Whilst at home together we discussed the future, more importantly his future. He had seen a few of his friends go off to University and we both agreed that ‘sounds like a plan’. However, there was a hurdle, he needed the right grades to get into University. There was a lot of hard work ahead of him, but we broke it down into bite size chunks by way of his 3 terms at college. We navigated each term to see how he was progressing. All was looking good. I even said if you work hard and get into University, I will take you to the Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi. Well, he made it to Uni and my credit card took a hammering!

At the time of writing this, my son has completed four years of University.  Achieving an amazing 2:1 he will now be doing a Masters.


My daughter Tayla enjoys life by skiing and horse riding and she and I have been exploring entrepreneurship ideas. We also started discussing a better model and approach to PA’s and care at university and beyond. A model that would be more empathetic and embrace the broader community. As a parent I felt there were flaws in existing care models out there. There is no problem with a care company making a profit, however, should all that profit go into the director’s pockets? Or is there a more empathetic way?

Many months of research has led us to start Cosmopolitan Care.

We are approaching Cosmo Care from a student and parent’s perspective, rather than a money-making focused scheme. We need people that want to help the community and we will reward them for their skills, knowledge and their talent.

Personally, I want to leave a solid framework in place that delivers a quality service and rewards people – people before profit. I am not getting any younger and I am not immortal. All I want is for both my children to have the best framework of care and continuity in their life.