Can I be part of the interview process for my PA’s/Carer’s ?2020-08-03T08:40:57+01:00

It is crucial that you are included in this process. We will be advertising the position through the usual employment channels, once we have shortlisted potential candidate(s) you will be asked to interview them, with a member of our team by your side.

Will you manage my payroll ?2020-08-03T08:42:00+01:00

You are going to university for a further education and to have fun. It will be our task to ensure the staff you employ are paid on time. Cosmopolitan Care do not employ your staff, you are the employer.

What is the difference between a PA and a Carer ?2020-08-03T08:42:17+01:00

There is very little difference between a Personal Assistant and a Carer in terms of the role. Part of being a PA can involve care, and part of being a carer does involve being a PA and the university environment.  However, we believe care can be taught – ask any parent and they will agree. Cosmo Care has evolved a new unique way of training care, designed specifically around the individual client. We believe we are one of the first, if not the very first to offer this unique guidance.

These roles are very popular with students who are taking a break from University or doing part time studies. The role is typically to support disabled students through University, these can be short- or long-term positions. The disabled student will be your employer, but Cosmopolitan Care regard all our PA’s and carers as an asset and will be looking to ensure you are also well supported.

What is the role of a PA/Carer ?2020-08-03T08:42:31+01:00

Every client is different, as such the role is designed around the client. This could be shadowing lectures, note taking, library support, some clients need assistance with personal care and housekeeping duties. Of course socialising is a must at University, some clients may need supporting whilst out at the pub or a nightclub etc…(it’s a tough life). If you think of the role as more of a comradeship, then it is without doubt enjoyable and rewarding. Many friendships carry on after University.

Do you perform a DBS check.2020-08-03T08:42:48+01:00

All PA’s will have a DBS (Disclosure & Baring Service) check. This ensures you as the employer will make a safe and educated decision regarding your PA’s and Carers.


Disability is a very wide spectrum. Some young adults would prefer to advise their own PA’s and Carers, they can therefore direct their team according to how THEY would like it. However, there are those that have more complex requirements, this could be a very wide brief, everything from hoists, medication, feeding etc..Some students are nonverbal or have poor muscle tone when speaking. There are many on line training programmes that cover things like moving and handling, hoisting etc..we can also offer a unique training programme for those with more complex needs – I believe we are one of the first (if not the first) to initiate this.

Funding Variations.2020-08-03T08:43:22+01:00

There are a few. The most common is Direct Payments (DP’s), there is also Personal Health Budgets (PHB’s), Personal Budgets (PB’s). Another one is Trusts, its always good to identify where you can direct these funds but they do typically support further education.

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