We would like to support our friends that have user-led business’s or campaigns, we, therefore, ask the community to engage and support them as best you can.


AccessAble is here to take the chance out of going out. To give you the accessibility information you need to work out if a place is going to be accessible for you. We’ve surveyed 10,000s of venues across the UK and Ireland, including shops, pubs, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, railway stations, hotels, colleges, universities, hospitals and more. Use AccessAble to find wheelchair-friendly venues or check out disabled access and facilities. AccessAble is Your Accessibility Guide.

Visit www.AccessAble.co.uk or download the AccessAble App from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Access Ratings

Access Rating is a social enterprise set up by 3 disabled friends to improve the disabled access to venues around the UK and support young disabled people into employment. We have an app that is available in the App Store/google play that gives users the ability to submit access reviews of venues around the UK, our main objective was to give our community a voice, so by collating these reviews we will then work directly with businesses to improve the disabled access to their venues. The profits from our work with businesses will be put back into our projects with young disabled students at SEND Schools to provide them with work experience opportunities within access rating and beyond

Pippa Stacey (Life of Pippa)

Pippa Stacey is a chronically ill writer and blogger, psychology graduate, book-reader and theatregoer, Spoonie Survival Kits founder, novelty onesie enthusiast. In Pippa’s free time, she enjoys theatre, reading, and fundraising, and can mostly be found wearing pyjamas and drinking *all* the tea.

Pippa also has her own books which you can buy here