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Olu Fadipe’s University Experience


Olu University Experience My name is Olu Fadipe, and I want to share my university experience. I started Solent University in September 2015 and I graduated in July 2019 with a 2:1. I would argue your time at university is when you grow the most as a person, I often look back at how I was when I first started and the person I have now become. One of the things about university is that most students (disabled and non-disabled) are all thrown in the deep end, it is like chucking [...]

Olu Fadipe’s University Experience2020-09-30T18:27:07+01:00

Becky McManus Cranfield University Airport Planning and Management


I am Becky, I’m currently doing a master’s degree in Airport Planning and Management at Cranfield University, near Milton Keynes. Before that, I studied Air Transport and Logistics Management for my bachelors in Huddersfield (including six months studying abroad in the Netherlands). Before I found my calling in the aviation industry, I attempted to get a chemistry degree from Bristol University, but dropped out after 18 months. “I was the first student they had that used a wheelchair, so I had to tell the university what adjustments I needed in order to allow me to [...]

Becky McManus Cranfield University Airport Planning and Management2020-10-05T18:25:58+01:00

Jordan Wood Solent University Sports Journalism


My name is Jordan Wood and I have an undiagnosed genetic condition, which affects my mobility and communication skills. My interests are all about sports, music, video games and just hanging out. I believe I am a strong-minded person knowing what I want, and I don’t let my disability hinder my desire to achieve my life 's goals. I am writing this blog to introduce myself, my journey through university and how I know that my writing will affect and inspire people with disabilities or not to accomplish goals when your mind, commitment, energy and dedication are attainable. I have [...]

Jordan Wood Solent University Sports Journalism2020-10-05T18:16:03+01:00

Chloe Tear Leeds Trinity University


My name is Chloe Tear, I graduated from Leeds Trinity University in 2019 with a First Class Honours degree in Psychology and Child Development. I have mild cerebral palsy and during my time at university I lost a large proportion of my sight. Alongside my studies I continued being a freelance writer and public speaker. I chose a small campus university and lived on-site during my first and third year. Despite several nights out, drinking games and late nights, I’m not going to pretend I was your average student. My course was enjoyable, but due to my disabilities it did take [...]

Chloe Tear Leeds Trinity University2020-10-05T18:10:23+01:00

Joel Pitman University’s Experience Film Production


University Experience I attended the University of Portsmouth from 2015-2018, studying Film Production, and then went on to do an MA in Film and Television from 2018-19. Ever since I was young I knew I wanted to go to university. Even as a child, I became aware that my disability set me apart from society, for all the wrong reasons. And this drove me to prove to society, and by extension, to myself, that I could achieve what able-bodied people could. I viewed university as my platform to achieving this. University Experience “What made me [...]

Joel Pitman University’s Experience Film Production2020-09-30T18:56:18+01:00
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