4 cartoon people are dancing with colourful streamers in the background. A woman with a prosthetic leg wearing a green dress is on the left, and a man in a striped green suit is on the right. He is using a wheelchair and dancing with his partner. All are waving their arms in the air. In the center is a cupcake with one candle.

Our First Year

It is our first birthday, at least I think it is. Strange, I actually do not know but I guess it is the day the website went live so it’s around now. Years ago, there used to be shop openings, usually by some second-rate celebrity cutting a piece of ribbon in front of the shop door. Sometimes it was a local dignitary like the Mayor or even the MP – anything to get in the local paper..!! These days you just go live! I am still a shopper and love those small independents who offer some creative thinking.

Some of the punniest business names I have seen include:

Photo of a bakery called Bread Pitt

Lord of the Rince – Launderette

Amy’s Winehouse – Off Licence

Bread Pitt – Bakery

Jasons Donorvan – Mobile Kebab Eatery

Frying Nemo – Fish and Chip Shop (don’t tell the kids!)

Starting something new under a pandemic was always going to be appealing and of course a challenge. It was apparent that there was no great hurry, no demand to get traffic, hits etc. I am never a fan of hits- let’s leave that to the Beatles! We were keener on getting it right and having the content accurate and balanced. I now know that you will never get it right first time, even now there are constant tweaks, some of those tweaks today are embedded from the very outset. Nevertheless, everything Cosmo Care has set out to achieve is going in the right direction.

I read recently that the number of students applying to study English at University has fallen by more than a third. Some have chosen to blame the Government, primarily Gavin Williamson. In a recent speech Williamson implied that universities should have more emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths). In my opinion, whilst English studies are in many respects the bedrock of learning from an early age, the labour market often dictates better employment and entrepreneurial opportunities with a STEM degree under your arm.

Colourful table showing the STEM acronym. Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

Have a super week, and good luck to all those waiting on A level results!

Cosmo the Cat 😊